This article refers to a feature or area that has been deprecated

In order to receive Shift Events e.g. Progress Notes submitted by the staff in the shift, please assign ShiftCare Area to yourself.

Tip! You can assign as many areas you want. The downside of assigning more areas is that your inbox could be flooded with progress notes, update etc notifications.

How to subscribe to an Area?

  1. Click your name on top right of the page and hit Profile (refer to screenshot below)
  2. Click Edit Profile (refer to screenshot below)
  3. From Area drop down section, select the area that you want to assign yourself. (refer to screenshot below)

Example notification received in your inbox

You will start receiving email notifications for all shift events. You can click on Link to shift from notification email and this email will take you directly on the shift.

When will I receive notification

  • When staff Clock in and Clock out.
  • When staff put progress notes, feedback, incident forms.
  • When staff update kms.
  • When staff upload photos.
  • When staff accept a shift
  • When staff rejects a shift.

Tip! if you wish to receive selective notifications then you can also create rules within our Mail application (e.g. Outlook) to filter notifications based on subject line.

Click on below links to know more about setting rules:-

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