Before you begin using ShiftCare, you will need to provide the email address you will be using to sign into ShiftCare to the head of your organisation so they can add it to ShiftCare. Once your email address has been added to the ShiftCare database for your organisation, you will receive a notification email containing a ShiftCare invitation.

Email Notification

Invitation Link

The notification will contain a link labelled accept your invitation.

Create Password

Clicking on this link will redirect you to the password-setup page.


Create your new password and click submit. Once you've submitted your password, you'll be logged into your account.

Note: A chrome password prompt may appear on the page the first time you log in. This simply asks if you wish to save your log-in details on your current browser by clicking *save. If not then select Nope

*Saving your log-in details removes the need to remember your details every time you log into ShiftCare using the chrome browser on your desktop/phone. Note that log-ins are only saved on the browser of the device you logged into (phone/ipad/laptop/desktop etc). Every time you sign in using a different device you will need to enter your log-in details.

Remember Log-In Details:

Username: the email you used to receive the ShiftCare invitation.
Password: The password you created after receiving the invitation

Download an App

Now your staff is ready to download ShiftCare app with above login details.

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