The clockin and clockout feature will allow users to clockin 3 hours before the shift and 6 hours after the scheduled end time. The clockin feature won't work if the end time has already passed.

Within the account settings, the office team can enable a location check, if this is enabled then you must also be within 500 meters of the shift's address.

Tip! If you are new to the ShiftCare app then ensure GPS is enabled on your phone. When opening the ShiftCare app it will check to ensure GPS is enabled if it is not the app will prompt you to turn it on.

Once the GSP signal has been established users are presented a list of their assigned shifts.

Choosing on one of the shifts loads up all of the details such as the client name and the address of the shift. If the address has been entered correctly a map of the location will also be displayed.

To clockin select the button below the Description section:

When the clockin button has been pressed the user will see the button change to a loading icon. Via an internet connection, the clockin is registered.

Once the shift has been clocked-in to you will see the clock-out button.

Staff can clock out up to 6 hours after the official shift time ends. Actual clockin and clockout times will be registered in the user's timesheet. If your office team has enabled the location check then you will need to be within 500 meters of the address and have GPS enabled on your phone.

Note! If the shift has a mandatory (bolded) task which has not been completed then the system will not allow you to clock out. See more on tasks here.

Once a shift has been clocked-out of and ended by the user the screen will not show the clockin or clockout buttons.

Troubleshooting clockin and clockout

There are certain circumstances where the clockin and clockout feature will not work. Below is a list of scenarios to help you troubleshoot if this is the case.

  1. The address must be matched to an address Google Maps recognises. When entering the address of the shift Google Maps will match the address to it's known locations. If the shift address cannot be found the clockin and clockout feature will not work.

  2. GPS settings must be turned on and enabled. Users with GPS turned off will be prompted to enable it when opening the ShiftCare app.

  3. If mandatory tasks are not completed for the shift the staff member will not be able to clockout.

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