This article refers to a feature or area that has been deprecated

"Job Board" has been replaced by the advertise feature
See help desk article Scheduler - Advertise Feature.

Before starting, ensure that Job Board is enabled on your account. Know how to enable Job Board on your account.

Once Job Board is enabled, you will notice a new Menu item appear in left hand side menu (below Dashboard). Clicking on Job Board menu will show calendar view of all shifts for a given month.

Hover view of shift as well as clicking on shift will have some extra Job Board data as shown below.

Pin down icon represents shift is available on Job Board

Number depicts number of views this Shift on Job Board by various staff

Interested Staff

Staff can mark shift interested via their mobile app and it will displayed as highlighted below. You can also add interested staff to given shift by simply clicking on their name label against Interested Staff row.

Pin to Board

Pin single Shift

Shifts can be pinned to board, which means they are available for staff to browse (within their app) and tag shifts that they are interested in. This in turn is noted on the Shift and can be used to add staff to a given shift.

Shifts can be pinned to board while editing a shift or simply through Shift Detail page. Click on open pin and dialog will come up to set criteria for this shift. This criteria is used for sending out notification for this shift.

Open Shift! You can also mark shift open, which means shift can be accepted by Staff instead of just marking their interest. Criteria is used to see if staff can accept the shift.

Pin multiple Shifts or program

Multiple shifts or whole program can be pinned to job board. Click on pin on jobboard checkbox (located at bottom right of the page). On clicking job board checkbox, above page will open. Staff can make selections before pinning in to the board.

On hitting save button whole program gets published on jobboard. Pin sign means these shifts are on jobboard.


Adding interested Staff to Shift

Any staff that has shown their interest to shift can be added to shift by simply clicking on their name label in Interested Staff row.

Pinning the shift to the job board allows other interested staff who are not part of the program to view the shift.

Unpin from Board

It is always a good idea to unpin a shift from Job Board once it has been filled up. This ensures that shift is not generating false interest among staff. Unpinning a shift is easy and you can do it two ways:

  1. Unpin from Shift Detail page: When in Shift Detail page, simply clicking down pin will bring up dialog and then click unpin button.
  2. Unpin from Shift Edit page: Simply untick Pin to Board checkbox and save will unpin shift from job board.


All Job Board activity for a given shift will appear as shift timeline of Shift Detail page. You can also subscribe to get email notification for each Job Event for a shift.

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