Before beginning this set-up we recommend reading Staff-Documents-and-Setting-Expiry-Date for more context on uploading staff documents.

Once documents have been uploaded to each staff's account, they can be made accessible for staff in their app. This can be of assistance as staff can view and track their document expiry dates.

To enable this feature the following must be set-up:

  • Account Settings
  • Enable Visibility in staff document upload page

Account Settings

Navigate to Account --> Settings --> Show Staff Documents in App. Make sure that Show Staff Documents in App is enabled in settings.

Once the setting has been enabled, you can access the staff app visibility feature when uploading documents.

Enable Visibility in Staff Document Upload Page

Navigate to Staff --> List --> Select Staff member --> Documents.

This will direct you to the staff document list page. When documents are initially uploaded the default app visibility will be set to Hidden.

To enable staff document visibility, select the hidden option to open the drop-down menu. Select Visible in the drop-down to allow staff to view their documents in the app.

Staff Document View in ShiftCare App

Staff view their own documents added by organisation from their ShiftCare App. In an App, menu clicks on Documents.

Clicking on Documents will take staff to below page where they will have access to their documents by name and Expiry date. They can download and view these documents also.

Note: This is read Only access to staff. Staff cannot upload or amend documents from this section. If they have any concerns or require to update information then they are required to contact office and only ShiftCare Admin and HR access level can update this information. 
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