This article refers to a feature or area that has been deprecated

"Job Board" has been replaced by the advertise feature
See help desk article Scheduler - Advertise Feature.

Publish Shift Vacancies on Job Board

If you need to publish vacancies for a specific shift from the recurring shifts, you can do so by adding the vacancies for that shift in the shift description.

For Example, the shift is from 9am-3pm and you are looking for a male staff for 1 hour and female staff for 2 hours in the shift. In this scenario, you can add details of the staff requirements in shift description.

Make sure to use the editing tool to make the requirements for the shifts clear.

After adding the required information for the shift in the description you can pin the job to the job board.

The quickest way to pin the job board is by selecting the pin next to the shift name.

When the pin is selected, a dialogue box will appear where you can filter the staff required for the shift. If no specified details required simply select the Pin to Job Board option.

Once the shift has been pinned, the pin will be displayed facing straight down.

To view what shifts have been pinned to the job board, navigate to the shift list by selecting All Shifts at the bottom left of the shift information page.

This will direct you to the list of shifts within the recurring shifts. Any shifts that have been pinned to the job board will be displayed with the pin next to them.

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