Error: Start time cannot be later than end time

With ShiftCare, you can book an overnight shift, for example, Sleepover or Night Shift. This enables you to book a single shift overnight, past midnight, into the next day, for example, 10 pm - 6 am.

👉 The shift type should be set to either Sleepover or Night shift 👈

All other shift types require the shift to finish on the same day (before midnight which is the start of the day).

Error: Start time cannot be later than end time

To create a shift past midnight set the shift type to either Sleepover or Night shift.

Create a sleepover shift

To create a sleepover shift, you can either set Shift type to Sleepover or Night Shift. Both of these shift types are system generated shift types. Enter all other shift details as per normal. 

You will be able to set shift time from 10pm to 6am, for example. Please note that the system will automatically end shift the next day. For example, if shift date is 13 March and starts at 10pm with type set to Sleepover and end time be 6am, then system will also set shift to end on 14 March 6am.

⚠️ If you select Night Shift or Sleepover shift types the system will automatically set the shift to end the day after it starts. Since midnight is the start of the day, if you were to create a shift on 13 March at 1 am and set it to finish at 7 am, the system set the end date as 14 March - client and staff will be rostered for 30 hours.

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