When Staff is assigned a shift, then manager can request care worker to explicitly confirm accept/decline of a shift. In such cases, the shift will remain pending until staff has accepted the shift.

Accepting shift/recurring shifts

1. Via Email

You will receive shift invite notification via email (for instance). See sample notification email that Staff will be receiving for the assigned shift/shifts.

Once opened, you will see message box same as below, with the following details of the shift:

  • Area that shift/recurring belongs to.
  • Date & Time
  • Shift address and Map
  • Accept or Decline Button

Tip! You may also click on the Map to see larger view of the location, it's detail and directions.

2. Via App: 

From here carer can opt to Accept by clicking on tick. At this point carer can review shift details once again before confirming to make sure there are no schedule conflicts on your end.

Office staff will see carer's name in 'orange' that means awaiting confirmation. Once confirmed office staff can view carer's name then turn green (see below). This suggests that you have now successfully accepted shift/recurring invite.

Declining shift/recurring

In certain circumstances, carer cannot accept shift invite due to schedule conflicts, here he want to Decline shift invite. See image below:

You will be requested to login and once succefully logged in, click Confirm button. For office staff, carer's this action will turn his name into Red and tells roster manager that shift has been declined. In the Timeline office staff can view the reason of declining the shift.
This shift will go in the pending state. You will get to know about the reason of pending state by ticking on View Reason.

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