When creating a Shift there are a number of elements which feed into an Invoice and result in costs being applied to Clients.

The purpose of this article is to detail those cost elements and provide information on them.

Costs within a Shift

  1. KM: This sets the base number of Kilometers paid by all Clients scheduled in the Shift.
  2. Activity Cost: This sets the base cost for all Clients scheduled in the Shift.

Costs at an individual Client level

For many reasons you may want to vary a cost to an individual client adding to the base cost of the Shift. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

When adding Clients to a Shift you have the following options:

  1. Price Group: Select this if you want to apply a different cost structure for the Shift that falls outside of default Price Book for Client. 
  2. Funds: If the Client has Funds (credit) set up under their Client Details to pay for the Shift that will have an option in the drop-down.
  3. Additional Cost: If the individual Client should pay an additional fee on top of the standard Shift fee add this cost in here.
  4. Travel: Tick this box to add the distance of the Client's pickup location to the Shift's address in addition to the base KM charged (see #1 above for more information on base Kilometers for a Shift).
  5. Pickup Address: The address is required if Pickup (#6) has been ticked. Where additional distance is being added to the cost of the Shift it is calculated from this address to the address of the Shift.
    This can be different to the Client's address stored under their Client Details.

Costs within an Invoice

When creating an Invoice there are a number of options which impact the end cost to the Client.

This assumes you have accessed the Client's Shifts and chosen the ones you wish to generate an invoice for. For more information on generating an invoice please see Creating Invoice.

At the point of generating an invoice the Invoice button provides the choice of Tax exclusive (i.e. do not apply tax) or Tax inclusive (to apply GST at 10%).

On the next screen you will see an itemised list of Shifts and their corresponding costs.

If you have chosen to create the Invoice Tax inclusive you will not be able to exclude individual items from having tax applied (i.e. untick the checkbox indicated by #1 below).

Whether you choose Tax exclusive or Tax inclusive you are able to remove the cost of an individual item from the Invoice by unticking the checkbox indicated by #2 below. This item will be displayed on the Invoice however it will be at no cost.

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