Shift Notes can be added by Staff during and after a shift to communicate or log information about client progress, an incident that has occurred or to provide feedback to coordinators.

The different type of shift notes include:

  • Progress Notes
  • Enquiry
  • Feedback
  • Incident
  • Inquiry
  • Milage

As a coordinator or admin user you  can Subscribe to receive Shift Events within an Area in order to receive updates regarding the addition of notes.

Changing whether clients get shift notes

It is possible to specify whether clients receive shift notes by default. Admin users will find this setting in the account settings section (accessible via the left-hand menu).

There are three options to select from, these are:

Adding client specific shift notes - in the app

When viewing the shift details in the app, the bottom left-hand corner has a button labeled Progress:

The app interface looks like this:

Clicking on the progress button will show the different types of progress notes:

Selecting the appropriate note type (such as Progress Note) will then allow you to enter a comment and photo:

Ensure when clicking on the save button you have internet connection. On some phones it might be necessary to dismiss the keyboard before the save button can be viewed

Note! If staff selects notify client checkbox while adding progress notes, then update will be sent to client via email as well.

Adding client specific shift notes - via the website

When viewing the details of the shift from the drop-down next to the note type select the client the note relates to, enter the details and click on the Add button.

Once saved the notes will appear in the history of the shift:

The notes will also appear in the client's Communication history:

To navigate the client client's Communication history, search for the client's name then click on their name in order to reveal their details, this will provide a sub-menu showing Communications as an option.

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