This article refers to a feature or area that has been deprecated

ShiftCare allows you to group shifts/programs together. For example, depending upon your business setup you might want to group shifts based on sites, alternatively, you might want to group shifts based on service area. This group in ShiftCare is called Area.

You need to have admin role to manage (add/update) Area. 

In order to create new Area, navigate to left hand side menu and click on New.

This will take you to following page. Fill this form and click on Create tab on bottom right of the page. New Area is created.

Explanation of above form options:-

  • Name  - This is name of Area that will appear on left side of the page
  • External Code -  External code to help reference external system when data is exported. E.g. It could be an ID from finance system like MYOB.  
  • Default Calendar -  View  Set the default view of your roster eg: Month, week, agenda week, Day First Day of the week  Set the first day of the week you want to display in your area.
  •  Check Pending Status: On clicking this unfilled shift will turn red. 

Below are few examples on the basis these areas can be added:

  • Location (Sydney, Perth etc)
  • Team leader (Angela's Team, Eric's Team etc)
  • Funding Type (Eg NDIS, Brokerage, private etc)
  • Program Type (Day program, Community Program, etc
  • Or any other way organisation wants to segment their work flow.

Edit Area

You need to have Admin role to edit Area settings.

If you are not happy with your area setting that you have selected while generating new area then you can update that latter aswell. In order to update Area Setting, click on settings sign, located at the top of the page, next to area name.

 This will take you to Edit Area Setting Page. Fill this form. Once you are done, hit Save and your Area Setting is updated. 

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