When generating a shift, there are multiple areas in which addresses can be added:

Shift Address:

This address is known as the shift address as it appears on the front of the shift.

From the app staff can see the shift address on the shift details page.

Travel Address:

This address does not appear anywhere else on the shift information page as it is designed for internal system calculations. This address allows the system to automatically calculate mileage between shift locations. This address is only seen when selecting clients that the service to be allocated for.

This address will only appear in this section and only appear when the check box next to the travel label is selected.

If staff are required to pick up clients from a specified address, then this address must be indicated in one of two ways:

Input the pick up address as the shift address so that it will appear on the shift information page. This way staff will also see the address in their app

Write in the shift description that staff are required to pick up the client form the specified address:

This will appear on the front of the shift details page:

For staff this information will be available in the Description section of the shift details in their app.

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