Shift or recurring shifts can be generated from 2 locations:

Dashboard or Area

A. Dashboard

The dashboard is the main overview of all shifts in the database. To generate shift or recurring shifts from the dashboard select Add Shift.

This will open a dialogue box with dropdown to select client, choose client and click Create.

If you have multiple Areas then, you are required to choose an Area as well. Once you have selected create, you will be directed to the shift information page.

  • Staff :  Allows you choose staff from the selection list. You can also click in the field and start typing the name of staff which will be auto-completed.   Tip! You can use filter staff option narrow down your search too. 
  •  Allowance: You can choose allowance e.g. Mileage, Expense etc. that will be attributed to staff for this shift.  
  • Time: Choose start and finish time of shift. Note - time fields have built in-checks i.e. it will automatically prevent you from setting finish time less than start time.
  • Period:  Duration for program. Here set start and end date of program.
  • Repeat:  Frequency of repeat, fox example, repeats same day every week.
  • Address:  This field is integrated with Google Maps API. Tip! It is important to choose an address from auto-completed selections 
  • Description: Here you can add shift instructions for your staff. You can use highlight controls to make certain parts standout. 
  • Break Time: If you need to allocate staff break time, then do not forget to add break time (in minutes) for your shift. If carer has worked 4 hours with one hour break time then staff timesheet will show 3 working hours.

Start & End Times

Set start and finish time in your shift. You can either type in the times or use the simple time dial that pops up.

Note! When changing schedule time, do not forget to tick Override Attendance checkbox.

Schedule Period

Shift period will bring up two calendars that allow you to set the 'From' and 'To' dates of the shift. The left calendar is for the 'From' (starting) date, and the right is for the 'To' (ending) date.

Tip! Do not forget to click Apply before closing dialog.

Shift Repeat Options

Select Client

To update Clients within the shift, click on the Select Client button and you'll get a modal dialoge as per image below.

You can update following attributes for Clients within these recurring shifts:

Adding Tasks

Adding tasks to a shift or program is simple way to give an itemized list of activities to Care Workers for their shifts. This will create first task item. You can then provide description of task as well as set Mandatory flag on task.

Tip! You can set task mandatory by clicking checkbox next to the task.

Note! If a Staff member does not complete a mandatory task they will not be able to clock out of the shift.

Where carer worker completes the task then completed tasks will be marked with tick on check boxes as well as notification within Shift timeline.

Saving Shift

After updating all required information, you can save shift. If there are no issues, you will be taken to shift schedule view. Save button can be found bottom right of the page.

Tip! You can also send email or sms notification of changes to your staff. For this, tick Notify Staff flag as shown below.


Adding recurring shifts from an Area:

You can also generate the shift by going to the area. There are two ways to generate a shift from an Area:

  1. Click on any date on the calendar.
  2. Click on Add Shift button on the top left of the calendar.

Note: You can also backdate the shift by clicking on the date in the calendar you want to generate the shift.

Below dialogue box will open. Now start the process of generating the shift. It is the same as explained above.

Please Note: 

ShiftCare uses traffic light system to give roster managers/coordinators visual cue for various life cycle state of shift. A shift will automatically move through 4 main life cycle states:

  •  Pending  
  •  Absent Client
  •  Booked  
  •  Cancelled
  •  Invoiced (final)  
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