You have probably noticed Override Attendance checkbox when adding new shift or editing future shifts. Here we will explain workings of this setting.

ShiftCare gives you the ability to add flexible time for staff and client that is different to shift time. We call this Attendance. This could be necessary, for example, you want staff to start 15 mins before client arrive.

But in most cases your shift time should be same for both client and staff. We have Override Attendance flag for all these cases. You can see in image below, Override Attendance checkbox appears below shift time fields.

Override Attendance checkbox is checked by default, i.e. when you add new shift or edit recurring shifts. However, as you make changes to time field example, it will be automatically checked. This ensures that shift time is same for staff and client attendance.

Here, the system is basically making assumption that if you are changing the shift time or editing future schedule - you want staff and client to have the same hours. Ofcourse, unchecking will just change shift time but keep staff/client hours to previous setting.

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