Send Invite

📝 When a new Staff account is created within ShiftCare, an email is automatically generated inviting the staff member to set up a password for their account.

The email comes from and has the subject line Invitation instructions.

Resend Invite

If the invitation email was not received by staff, then it may have been filtered into a junk/spam/promotions folder or automatically blocked by your email's security settings. We recommend you ask your staff to check junk mail.

Should that email not arrive, admin and HR users can resend the invite to activate the account. An email will be sent to the staff who need to respond within 42 hours. In case staff fails to respond, you need to resend the invite again.

Once the link has been clicked on and the account has been activated, the option to send the invite isn't available.

Read more about How staff Accept ShiftCare invite

In this scenario, if the user forgets their account access details, they can reset their password. Learn more about resetting the password here.

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