Before you can assign shifts and generate programs for your staff, their staff data needs to be entered into ShiftCare. 

Adding staff

--Navigate to the main menu on the left-hand side.
--Select the Staff tab.
--This will open a drop-down menu with the tab labelled New. Click on this tab.

Now you'll see the page below. 

In this form, the name and email of the staff member are mandatory fields in order to create a new staff account inside ShiftCare. 

Roles: You can control access levels by assigning each staff member a role. 

Office staff should have one of the following roles assigned:

  • Admin
  • HR
  • Coordinator
  • Support

Carer (Support worker/care worker) can have the following roles assigned to them

  • Carer
  • Kiosk (click here to read more about kiosk mode)

The role of Carer will be selected by default, when you create a new staff account.  (That means staff will have access to their own shifts via the ShiftCare app)

If you are adding office staff then click on Office User button. 

This will give you the following access level access; 


You can assign these roles to your new staff according to your requirement.

No Access: This option is located at the top right section of the page. 

Staff members with "No Access" will not count towards your subscription limit.

Ticking this option allows you to add more staff than you are paying for but they won't have access to their own shifts and you cannot generate their timesheets for payroll purposes.

Finally, click on Create after filling out the rest of the information.

This will bring you to the page below. 

All the information on this page is optional. 

You can start assigning shifts to your staff without filling out the page below.

For more details on each section read Add New Staff in the ShiftCare Knowledge-base.

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