Before creating shifts, be sure that you've added all of the information for staff, clients, areas and pricing into ShiftCare. (Price is only applicable if your ShiftCare subscription allows Price allocation)

These are crucial details required for generating a shift. 

Generating shifts

You can create shifts from two locations in ShiftCare:

1. Dashboard

2. Areas

Dashboard Option

To generate shifts from the Dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard tab in the main menu.

This will direct you to the Dashboard page. From the Dashboard page, select the Add Shift button located at the top right of the Dashboard calendar.

A dialogue box will appear with the options to enter the shift name and select the Area to which the shift is to be assigned.

When selecting an Area, you can click on the arrow to bring up a drop down list of all of your Area options. 

Once you've selected the client and allocated shift area, just click on the Create button.

After selecting create, you will be redirected to the shift information page. Here you can enter all the details of the shift in each of the fields provided.

Area Option

Here's how to create a shift from the Areas tab in the main menu.

Start by selecting the area you wish to create a shift for. 

This will direct you to the dashboard view for the specified area.

Now, just repeat the same process as for the dashboard option by;

--Selecting add shift at the top right of the calendar view. 

--This will open up a dialogue box requesting only to enter Client name. 

--Once the shift name has been entered, click the create at the bottom of the dialogue box and it will direct you to the same shift information page as for the Dashboard method.

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