Quick edit takes the time-consuming process of editing each individual shift within a recurring shifts out of the rostering process. You can quickly edit any specification of the shift Time, Clients (add/remove), Staff (add/remove) and Shift Description without needing to select each individual shift. Read further to understand how this works.

Accessing Quick Edit

You can access quick edit from any shift calendar or from the job board. Simply select a shift you wish to edit.

Once you've selected a shift, you will be redirected to the shift information page where you can begin the quick edit.

You can begin editing based on the categories listed.


This feature allows you to edit all information at once within a recurring shifts. Only use this feature if all shifts have the exact same information (same client, same staff member/s, start/end time etc).

Once changes are made, the updated information will be applied automatically to the rest of the shifts within the same recurring shifts. You can choose to apply these changes to all shifts or future shifts only .

Entire Program:
Any changes made will be applied to all shifts within the program

Future Shifts Only:
Any changes made will only apply to shifts allocated after the edit date and time (i.e If you edit shifts on 4th September but select the option future shifts only, then all changes made will ONLY be applied to shifts allocated from 5th September onward.


Allows you to select the date and time. Note the date feature allows you to select the end date if you wish to change the time for a select group of shifts within the recurring shifts.


The calendar feature is available whenever changes are being made to a shift. It allows you to allocate changes to shifts on a specific day within the recurring shifts.

Add Clients

Allows you to add multiple clients using the split shift feature thus enabling clients to have varying start and finish times within the recurring shifts.

Selected clients will have a checked box next to their name (outlined in green), whereas un-selected clients will have an empty box (outlined in red). You can also edit a client area for each client selected.

NOTE: Please remember to correctly input staff to client ratios correctly and to click Update when done.

Remember: Once you've added clients, click Notify Staff when applicable before selecting Update to make sure that allocated staff are notified of any changes to the shifts details.

Remove Clients

Allows you to remove clients. Select the client/s you wish to remove (selected clients will be highlighted in red) set the date and select Remove at the bottom right of the information box.

Remember: Always make sure the end date is correct or in alignment with your shift allocation times.

Add Staff

Allocate staff to a shift or specific shifts in the recurring shifts by selecting staff members from the drop down menu. 

Input all other required information remembering to allocate the correct date and start/end time for each staff added.


  1. Select Notify Staff when necessary to ensure that all staff are kept up-to-date with any shift changes.
  2. Click Update to update all shift changes and information.

Remove Staff

Select allocated staff to remove and click Remove at the bottom right of the information box. Staff to be removed will be highlighted in red.

Shift Details

To quickly edit specific details of a shift without affecting the rest of the rest of the shift information you can use the quick edit feature for shift details. Any changes made to one shift will be applied across all shifts within the same recurring shifts. If you wish to only make changes to specific shifts, you do so by using the calendar feature located at the top of each shift detail to select the end date specific to those shifts.


When using quick edit for shifts, there are two main features that are present throughout all shift detail categories: Calendar & Notify Staff.


Quickly update the shift description when required.


Time not only refers to the start and end time of the shift

Program Cost

You can also update the cost of the program via quick edit.


For changes in address, select the address tab to update the shift location.


Mileage can also be updated via quick edit. Only Admin staff have access to this feature. Care-workers will still need to add mileage as progress notes.

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