Rostering day programs or accommodation shifts can be challenging as often staff shifts are alternated throughout the day. With the different start times, this can look messy when compared to a group program.

There is also the added complexity of billing the client a fixed price when there are multiple shifts for the staff. From a client perspective, for billing purposes, you can create a worker (with no access) named after the SIL, day programme or accommodation and rostering shifts with that "worker".

If the fixed price is daily or weekly, you'll need one shift per day or week. This will allow you to invoice the client for the shifts appropriately creating one line item on the invoice for each day or week.

Setting up an accommodation client roster

To manage this roster for staff, we suggest creating a client named after the SIL house or accommodation scheduled with your workers. This allows for more flexibility.

To add notes for the client via the app the system will need the client assigned to the shift. The system will require a price, so as not to double charge the client, you can use a no charge /zero-fee price.

Steps to scheduling

Step 1: Generate a Client. In our example, we assume that SIL house is located on Bernard Street, so we are going to name this client Bernard House.

Step 2: Create shifts for the client Bernard House

Optional: Add the client to the shift and select the no charge price.

The workers will then see on their schedule that they are rostered with the client Bernard House.

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