Split ratios feature is helpfull where clients ratios, time and rate groups change within a reoccuring or single shift. This is also applicable to Sleepover shifts.

Accessing Multiple Ratios

To access the multiple ratios feature, create a shift as normal. At the far right of the page, there is the label Select Client.

Click on this to bring up the client shift selection page. From here you can begin splitting shifts.

Start by selecting the times you wish to allocate to the first shift. To split the shift simply click on the blue 'split' next to the time slot. If each shift you wish to enter has a different start and end time simply input the correct times.

NOTE: Like any other shift, make sure that the start time and end time for each shift do not overlap.

After allocating times, continue to fill in any other relevant information that is required. For example rate groups. You will find rate groups in the drop-down bar next to the split and time features. Rate groups can be different for each shift.

Changing client ratios

You can also change client ratios in accordance to the shift you are filling in. Again ratios can also vary from shift to shift.


Next, to shift ratios there is a drop-down menu with funding options. Make sure that the client has the appropriate funds selected for their shift.

Once you have filled in all shift information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Done'.

Clicking done will direct you back to the normal shift information page. On this page, you will see a label 'ignore required staff calculation'. If you don't require additional staff for the shift make sure this box is ticked.

If you require additional staff simply leave this box unchecked and add staff as per shift requirement.

NOTE: Make sure you click save at the bottom right of the page. This will apply all shift information that has just been entered.

Deleting Shifts

If you wish to remove a shift, simply select the box on the left-hand side of the client's name. This will instantly remove that shift from the list.


The same process used for splitting day shifts can also be applied to sleepover shifts. The shift will automatically begin splitting from midnight, however you can change this as per your requirements.

Viewing Split Shift Information

After creating the shift, click save and this will direct you to the schedule where you can view all information entered for the shift.

The shift will also be available on the client calendar and Shift Breakdown Page. Navigate to client 'Shifts Breakdown'. This will bring up the shift you have just created.

NOTE: Any shifts highlighted in red do not have correct rates applied. Make sure all rates are applied to all shifts correctly. Shifts in white have the correct rates applied.


This shift will also be available to view from client calendar.

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