Rostering accommodation shifts can be difficult as often staff shifts are alternating throughout the time a client is in 24-hour care. Separate rosters can be created for accommodation staff and accommodation clients to combat this issue. This allows for more flexibility when rostering accommodation shifts.

Setting up Accommodation Staff Roster is a 3 step process:

Step 1: Generate an Area called Accommodation Staff.

Step 2: Add a client called "Accommodation client". (It is required because this helps in checking the status of the shift)

Step 3: Start generating shifts

Rostering accommodation shifts for staff works in the same way as rostering Accommodation Client Roster.

Create Accommodation Client Area

Use the same process for creating an area to add the accommodation client area

Create Accommodation Client Profile

To set-up your account for accommodation rostering you will need to create a new accommodation client profile, by selecting client tab --> select new. On the client information page set the name to Accommodation Client to differentiate it from the other clients.
click Create at the bottom of the page.

Generate Accommodation Shifts

Generating shifts for accommodation staff utilizes the same process as when creating a standard shift.

  • Naming Shifts: While generating shifts, we recommend naming shift on the basis of the shift (Eg, Morning Shift, Afternoon shift, evening Shift, Night Shift). This helps you to have a clear vision of clients on Area page.

Note: If you are generating sleepover shift, then its vital to select sleepover (where an arrow is pointing). This means that you can book in a single shift for an overnight stay.

  • Add Client: Add accommodation client to the shift. This will prevent the shift from being sent into a Pending state.

Progress Notes: Staff will need to use kiosk mode to add progress notes to the shifts. Find out more about Kiosk Mode from the ShiftCare Knowledge base.

  • Accommodation Staff roster
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