Once ShiftCare invite is sent to your staff, then you can monitor or check if all your staff have accepted the invite or not. You will have this view on below two pages:

  • Staff Details page
  • Staff List Page

Staff Details Page

On clicking on staff detail page you can view the time staff has last logged in under "Last login" section (as per the screenshot below)

If the staff has not accepted the invite yet, then you will find "Resend Invite" button in front of the "Last Login" as per the screenshot below.

Staff List Page

You can go to this page by clicking on Staff from left-hand side navigation. Now click on List. This will take you to below page. This page will give you the view of all staff within the organisation who have accepted the invite, last time they logged in and who have not accepted invite.

You will get this information by looking at last column of the page called "Last Login". If there is nothing under this column then that means staff have not accepted the invite yet.

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