If you forget your ShiftCare log in password, you can reset it by selecting the Forgot Password option.

Note: Website and mobile app users can reset their password via: https://app.shiftcare.com/users/password/new

This will direct to the following page where you will be required to enter the email address to which the reset password instructions will be sent.

Once your email has been entered and the instructions have been sent, the following notification will be displayed:

When the above notification appears, check your email address for the notification email


Open the notification to find the reset password link

This link will direct you to the reset password page. Here you will be required to enter your new password and confirm it by entering it again. This is a simple security measure to ensure that you have entered your password correctly.

Once your password has been created you can sign back into your ShiftCare account using the same email and new password.

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