ShiftCare is compatible with any modern browser, specifically Chrome as it is the most widely used browser.


Once you've created your ShiftCare log-in details, enter https://app.shiftcare.com/ into chrome to sign-in.

Pin-Tab/Create Shortcut

If you wish to quickly access the ShiftCare sign-in page, you can simply pin the sign-in tab to your task bar.

To do so right click on the ShiftCare sign-in tab. A menu will appear, from this menu select Pin Tab option.

When the tab is pinned it will appear as a smaller tab in the task bar. It will remain pinned even after logging off and logging back into your computer. Every time you use Chrome the same device, the tab will appear in the same place. Thus removing the need to type in the URL into Google.

You can unpin the tab by right-clicking on the tab and selecting unpin tab. This will remove the tab from the task bar and change it back to a normal tab.

Create Shortcut

Another way to easily access ShiftCare is via the desktop shortcut. While you're on the ShiftCare sign-in page:-

Navigate to the top right hand corner of the search bar and select the three dots next to the search bar.

This will open a drop-down menu, on this menu select the More tools option

Another drop-down menu will open, from here select the Create shortcut option

Once you've selected the create shortcut option, a prompt will appear, in this prompt select the Create button to create the desktop shortcut.

When you select create the prompt will disappear. Navigate to your desktop and the ShiftCare shortcut should be available

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