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ShiftCare enables Staff to book days or times when they are unavailable to work, this could be for any reason such as a regular day off on leave, a short time frame such as a dental appointment or a longer block of time for a holiday.

Staff can request these days through the app and Admin, HR and Coordinator users will be notified to approve or reject the request.

Requesting Leave/ Non-working Day/Time in Lieu

Requesting a Leave/Non-working day thru your Mobile App, has different processes from your desktop App that you need to follow. Please see the instructions below:

1. Open your App on your phone.

2. Click on the Menu option on the upper left-hand side of the page, as seen below:

3. Select 'Leave' to go into the Leave Calendar page. Here you'll see all the Leaves you've requested previously with statuses either Booked, Pending, etc.

4. To apply for a new one, click on the plus (+) sign below.

5. Select Leave type (Please see types of Leaves and their definitions below), and tick All Day on or off.

Types of leave

  • Annual Leave - a paid number of days each year that an employee is allowed to be away from work.
  • Bereavement Leave - Authorized leave from work, paid or unpaid, for the purposes of attending to the funeral of a family member.
  • Carer Leave - Carers leave enables you to take time off to care for and support an immediate family member or household member who is ill or injured.
  • Compassionate Leave - a period of absence from work granted to someone as the result of particular personal circumstances, especially the death of a close relative.
  • Jury Duty - the obligation to act or a period of acting as a member of a jury in court.
  • Sick Leave - leave of absence granted because of illness.
  • Non Working Day - may either be Regular Holidays and Special Holidays. Regular holidays are those that usually have a fixed date, such as New Year's Day, Independence Day, and Christmas Day. While Special Holidays on the other hand, are more flexible. Apart from being enacted by Congress, they can also be declared by the President.
  • Workers Compensation - is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue their employer for the tort of negligence.
  • Long service leave - (LSL) is an employee entitlement to an additional vacation on full pay after an extended period of service with an employer.
  • Maternity/paternal leave - applicable when an employee gives birth
  • Community Service Leave - a type of leave that allows staff who are engaged in a “voluntary emergency management activity” that involves dealing with an emergency or a natural disaster (e.g. firefighting or SES volunteers). If you are to request this leave you must provide details of the expected period of your absence as soon as practicable and evidence to prove that the reason for the absence is legitimate.
  • Time in Lieu - This allows you to work overtime, and then instead of being paid additional remuneration for working such overtime, the employee is granted paid time off work by their employer, to the equivalent of the overtime worked.
  • Unpaid Leave - The leave that staff has taken without pay.

6. Click on All Day, if it 24 hours leave. Please note, clicking on All Day will export 24 hours leave per day.

7. Select Repeats, if you need it a One-off, Daily, Weekends, etc.,

8. Choose your Start and End date of your Leaves, and site your Reason on the field box provided.

Note: If "All day" section is turned off then you are required to select timings of the leave.

9. You can also attach a file. Then click the Save icon.

Once done, you'll receive a pop-up message that your Leave Request has been successfully submitted, and goes to Pending until Confirmed or Declined.

New Leave Request sent will be shown on your Calendar as seen below. If you wish to delete a 'Leave Request', click on the (x) icon on top of the box.

Then press 'yes' to completely delete leave request.

Back-Dating Leave

You can back-date only following leave requests:

  • Sick Leave
  • Time in Lieu
  • Carer's leave
  • Compassionate Leave

Leave Status

Beloe sacreenshot shows that staff's 9th Nov leave is approved whereas 11th and 12th Nov leave is still pending.

Below screen shows that staff's 11th Nov leave has been declined. Staff can click on the leave in order to view the reason the  leave is declined.

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