This article refers to a feature or area that has been deprecated

"Job Board" has been replaced by the advertise feature
See help desk article Scheduler - Advertise Feature.

Here we are assuming that Job Board has been enabled by your account admin/owner.

Until now staff could only see the shifts assigned to them but they couldn't choose the shifts by themselves. With Job Board, your rostering team has the ability to pin/publish/post shifts to Job Board, which you can browse through on your app and select the ones you are interested in.

Let's go through this new feature...

Accessing Job

When you open the ShiftCare app and click on main drawer/menu (top-left), you will notice additional menu Item - Job Board, as shown in image below.

Tip! If Job Board was recently enabled on your account, then you might need to logout and login to see the new menu item (Job Board).

Accessing Job Board

When you click on the JOB BOARD menu, you will see lists of shifts that have been advertised and are available. You can check further details of a shift by clicking on the shift.

Marking Interest

In order to inform your manager that you are interested in shift, it is important that you mark your interested shifts. You can do so by clicking on thumbs up icon in top right corner. Once interested, it will go green, which means that you are interested in the shift.

Tip! You can toggle your interest by again clicking on thumbs icon.


Everytime a new shift is published to Job Board, you will receive in app notification for it. You can also refresh Job Board to see shifts listed. You can see the full details of notification if you click the Notification menu.

Tip! And you can directly go to detail view of the shift by clicking on the notification.

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