Staff can request leave from their ShiftCare Login. To do so, staff need to login ShiftCare. Click on their name on top right of the page. Below box will open. Then click on "Profile".

This will take staff to following page. Click on "Request Leave" button located on bottom right of the page.

Staff to fill form, upload medical form and click "Save". HR will get leave request via email. This leave request will go in calendar in Blue Colour and when HR approves the leave, then staff will receive email notification and requested leave will turn purple. Staff can also apply for partial day leave by un-ticking "All day" checkbox and filling time of the requested leave.

Type box allows you to select the type of leave the staff member is asking for.

Note! Unchecking

will bring up two extra time fields next to the Start and End date boxes. Keeping it checked will mean that the Staff Member will be unavailable for the entire day.

Recurring Leave - You can also change repeat pattern if leave is a recurring leave.

Finally, use the Reason box to outline why the Staff Member wishes to take leave. You may attach a document like a Doctors Certificate to the request by clicking


When finished writing details, click

to save changes to send out the Leave Request, or click

if you change your mind.

Leave History

All leave request history is visible from the leave approval page. You can view all details regarding leave requests such as:

Who made the request

The type of leave requested

The date and time of the leave request

Who approved/declined the leave request

Back-Dating Leave Requests

Back-dating leave can be of great assistance when leave is required to be entered at a later date. This may occur for various reason (E.g.: impromptu leave due to urgent circumstances). Whilst this is an option, only admin can backdate any type of leave request.

Care workers can also back date leave. To learn more on which leave types care workers can back-date read Request Leave from App.

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