If you're having trouble viewing staff notes in client communication, there are two possible causes.

1. You did not have "Notes" ticked in client communication section.

To fix this issue and view staff notes, select which client you want to view the notes for.

The client's name will appear with a drop-down menu on the left. Under this drop-down menu select "communications", this will bring up the client communication page.

At the top right of the page, there is a drop-down menu labelled "Filter Categories". 

Select this and there will be a list of filters. To view notes you will need to tick the "Notes" filter.

NOTE: Make sure to click "Apply" to activate the filter so that all future notes can be viewed.

2. If you are still unable to view staff notes, the second possible cause may have been that you did not have "Client" selected under account settings.

If this is the case, any notes that were taken during the period in which "Client" was not selected will no longer be available for future reference.

For example, if on the 15th of June you noticed that "Clients" was not selected and on that day you change it so that client is ticked, any notes made prior to the 15th of June will not be available.

To access Settings, click "Account" on the main left side menu.

After Settings, there an "Edit" button on the lower right corner of the page.

Select "Edit" and this will bring you to the Accounts page where you can change the settings. Scroll down the page until you see the heading labelled "Progress Notes Notify"

Select "Client". This will allow you to see future staff notes in client communication.

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