Quote is the estimated price of services that organisation promise or intended to provide in the span of client's NDIS plan.

In order to generate quotes from ShiftCare, user is required to go Clients section from left hand side navigation and then go to client for whom quote generation is required. In below example Alfred Lesley is selected. Select Quotes from dropdown.

A dropdown will open on clicking Quotes. Select New Quote in order to generate it.

This opens below page. Now select Duration for which Quote need to generated. Hit Select after selecting dates. Then update Prepared At date

Now click on Add Fund tab.

Write Fund name and Fund Amount in the box. In below example, Fund is "Centre Based" Fund amount is $10000.

After adding these two fields, click on Add Quote Item. This will add a line below giving an option to put requested services in it. Multiple line items can be added by clicking on this tab.

  • Rate Group- This is name of the NDIS rate.
  •  Rate -Title NDIS line items. 
  • Description -  Notes/details about the booked program can be added here.
  •  Rate - Amount shown here is automatically generated depending on "Rate Group" and "Rate Title"selection.
  •  Quantity -This is number of hours or kms.
  •  Unit - Number of repeats of the shift. 
  • Amount -  Its is automatically generated value of Rate x Quantity X Unit. 
  • Balance - This is automatically generated value of funds left after adding requested services. 

Click on Add Funds if Client have multiple funds like Capacity Building, assistive technologies etc. Repeat same process as above. Hit Create, once done.

This is the Final version of Quote. Click on Edit in order to add, delete or update information.

In order to view all past Quotes of the particular clients, click on List, located under Quote in left hand side navigation. Below page will open with the list of Quotes.

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