The NDIS Support Item Number is an identifier that provides useful information for administrator and support roles. Each support item has a unique reference number, according to the following structure: 01_010_0107_1_1 

The number groups represent the following fields: Support category, sequence number, registration group, outcome domain and support purpose. For example:

These allow providers to claim against the support item most applicable for a given servcie.

This support item number can be found in price books under the column Reference Number. First you must import the NDIS price book for your region into ShiftCare to use these price book groups. This article will explain the support item number locations and useful workflow tips.

  • Price book reference number and how to edit price book title to show support item number.

  • Select price book for clients and shift details

  • Support item code on invoices.

For how to add transport support item codes to price books, based on the March 2020 update, see help desk article: Provider travel and participant transport.

Price book support item reference number

Edit price book 

Once you have imported the price guide, support item price groups will be available to edit. Click the side bar heading Account, click subheading prices.

This will display the price book for the services you provide. The support item number is listed under column heading Reference Number. This is how ShiftCare identifies the correct support item number to display on shifts and invoices. 

Price books can be edited by clicking EDIT on the top right of any pricebook. Now you can alter the information. The Effective Date is when the prices will come into effect, allowing you to continue plan ahead with pricing changes. Invoices after the effective date will use the new prices. 

Edit title to show support item number

To assist with support and administrator workflow you can edit the title of a price group. If you want the support item code in the title, click the pencil next to the title of a price group to edit it.

Now you may wish to copy in the support item code into the title.

Click Save when done. 

For more information on editing price books see article: adding price books and prices.

Support item number in shift details

When viewing a shifts details you can see the price book and support item code under the Client heading. Click a shift to view its details. You can also edit a shift to change the price book used.

The number will also appear next to the shift in the clients billing report

NDIS Support item number on Invoices

The NDIS support item number will also appear in the description on invoices. 

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