Please note that prices can only be managed (add/update/delete) by Admins. Before we begin, it is important to understand the difference between Prices and Price Books.

Adding Price Book

Before adding price, you must first add a Price Book. To do so, select the "Account" tab from left-hand navigation to open the drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu select Prices.

This will direct you to the new price book page. Here you need to select Action from the top right of the page. And then from drop down click on Add Price Book.

This will take you to below page to fill info:-

  • Price Book name

  • External ID - this can be used as a ledger code:

    • MYOB: This is the general ledger category ID if you are using MYOB (the default MYOB expects is 4-1000),

    • Xero: This is the AccountCode if you are using Xero (the default is 100)

  • Xero Invoice Prefix: If you are importing invoices into Xero and want to add to the invoice number then enter it here, otherwise leave it blank.

 Now press Create to proceed.

Price book is now created. Follow below steps to learn about adding price in price book.

Noted: the Account Code in ShiftCare refers to the External ID because this code is also recognised as Chart Account in Xero.

Adding Price

The Price page is organised into 7 categories:

Then you will be directed to the price information page. Here there are 7 details that need to be specified. Once the above information has been specified, repeat the steps to add prices for rest of the days. Keep on adding prices by clicking New Price button and once completed select the Save option at the bottom right of the page.

After saving the new Price Book, you will be directed to the list where the new Price book will be displayed as follows:

On the right of each Price Book, there is the Edit option, choose this if you wish to make updates to the prices in that Price book.

NOTE: When adding new prices but do not wish to replace the old prices, please ensure that you create new Price with effective date. DO NOT edit the old price as this will override old price in all shifts.

Importing NDIS Price Guide

It is possible to import an NDIS price guide directly into ShiftCare. To do this please see: Import NDIS Price Guide

Adding fixed price shift

If a shift needs to have a fixed price regardless of its duration it is possible to convert an hourly price to a fixed price. This is useful for sleepover shifts which have a set price regardless of the duration of the shift.

When creating a shift you can tick the "Fixed Price Only" tickbox to set the price to be fixed so that the amount entered will be the total cost of the shift.

If the price already exists and you want to convert the hourly rate/price to be fixed price, you can do this by clicking on the blue pen (edit icon) next to the price book name.

This brings up the same interface as above and will let you tick the "Fixed Price Only" option. Once you have saved this the price will have the "Fixed Price" label next to the name.

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