Short-term accommodation’ includes all expenses in a 24 hour period including assistance with daily personal activities, accommodation, food & negotiated activities.

There are two ways of setting Short Term accommodation price in ShiftCare.

First Option: Generate shift and put client's Short-Term accommodation price as a program cost. In client's shift breakdown page it will appear as below. Please note,set "short-term accommodation price as Zero. The price needs to be "Zero" as shown in the example below. Now, generate an invoice.

In invoice page, select short-term accommodation price from "NDIA Reference" drop-down section as shown below and then hit Create to generate an invoice.


Second Option: Divide Short Term accommodation price by 24 hours to make hourly price

Above 3 are weekday price of 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 ratios. Divide each price by 24 and make an hourly price of these ratios as shown below. Repeat the same process for Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday price.

Once prices are done, generate the shift and select the ratio of the client. In the example below, 1:4 ratio is selected for the client.

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