Edit Price

If you wish to edit a Price in your list, simply follow the steps below:

1. You need to go to Account from Left-Hand side Menu and then click on Prices.

2. Select which group has the Price you wished to edit and click Show.

If an entirely new price is required within the same Price Book then do not updateany already existing price as this will override the existing price. When an existing price is overridden then any non-invoiced shifts that had price applied to them willalso be overridden and the new price will be applied. 

In saying this, if an existing price requires updating this can be achieved by navigating the Price Book that Price is allocated under and then select Edit located at the right of Price Book.

This will direct you to the Price list page. On this page, you can edit the info of price that you want.

The following information can be edited:

Day of the Week: The day which the price/s are applied

Times: These are the times within a shift that the price will be applied.

Effective Date: The date at which the new edits will be applied. No restrictions apply to the date at which a price can be effective, thus this can be a passed date, current date or future date.

Per hourly price: This is based on Staff: Client Ratio.

Reference Numbers: These correlate to the hourly price.



Delete Price

In order to Delete Price, find that Price Book where the Price you want to remove belong to and click Edit.

3. On the list of prices in that group, find that Price that you want to delete and click on Checkbox under Delete column. You can click on multiple checkboxes if you want. Once done, click on Save button.

By clicking on Save you will see the pop-up box on top to confirm.

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