To create Invoice, you need to have Shift/Program and Rates in the ShiftCare. Simply follow the "Creating Program" part of the Shifts/Program and "Adding a new Rate" part of Rates.

Creating Invoice

Creating an invoice process starts by choosing a client you want to invoice. Therefore, expand Clients dropdown from lefthand navigation and then choose List. It will take you to Client List page, see image below. Select the client (by clicking on the row) you want to generate invoice for. Example: "Harris Edison" in following case.

Selecting Shifts

Above will open up Client details page, Again from left hand navigation choose Shifts. Shifts will appear underneath client name, in our example it is Harris Edison. If rates have been set correctly, you will see shifts in the table as per image below. You can invoice single shift as well as multiple shifts in one go.

Invoicing Shifts

  • Tap on the shifts you want to generate invoice. Shift colour will turn green upon selecting.
  • Select "Invoice" (Bottom right). It will give you the option of "Tax inclusive" or "Tax Exclusive". Select the one that is applicable to you.

Update details before sending Invoice

  • From the drop down option select the person you want to send invoice.
  • Set "Payment Due" date.
  • Change description (where required)
  • Select Area of the client (where required)
  • Select NDIA Category from drop down section. (where required)
  • Tick or untick the items you want to charge.

Hit "Create" in order to generate invoice.


Note:- Clicking create button converts the invoice to Unpaid without notifying the client.

Invoice sending options

View Generated Invoices

Once invoice is generated you can see invoice in the "Invoices" section. Example below.

The date range search includes the invoice creation date and the invoice due date.

Void Invoice

Click on "Void" option (Bottom right) to void invoice. Only staff with "Admin" role can void invoices. Please see Roles for further reading. Incase, invoice payment is done, then user need to delete payment before voiding invoice.

Note: Invoice cannot be voided if payment is already received. Staff will have to delete payments first and then Void the invoice.

View/Print/Download Invoice Report

Generate a custom report of invoice information by applying up to 6 filters located above the list of invoices:-

CSV Export and print option is available via buttons at the bottom of the page.

Top section of the invoice report page shows Invoiced, Paid, Unpaid and Overdue figures of the selected days.

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