When invoicing for clients, you are now able to generate bulk invoices which allows you to select and generate all invoices under that client's name.

Using the Select All feature

To enable this, navigate to the left main menu and select 'Clients' in the drop-down and select 'List' under Clients.

In doing this you will be directed to the Client list page. Select the client whose invoices you wish to view from the client list.

Once you've done this you will be directed to the client's account page. Over on the left main menu select 'Shifts Breakdown' under the client's name.

This will bring you to the client's breakdown page where you can view all the client's invoices.

Generating the Invoice

To generate the invoice, click on 'Select All' at the bottom right of the page. Doing this will select all invoices that are still to be paid and have their correct rates inputted.

Once all invoices have been selected, where the 'Select All' label was before there will now be a green bar with the total amount to be paid.

Note: Select All only selects invoices from the page currently being viewed. For multiple pages increase the number of records shown per page.

Click on the green bar and a drop-down menu with the options Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive will appear. Select which option applies to you. Once this is done, you will be directed to the invoice.

To read further on invoicing follow this link https://help.shiftcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009629468-Generating-an-Invoice

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