Splitting invoices allows you to separate one or more line items from an invoice into a separate invoice. This is useful in many scenarios, for example, items from a single shift need to be sent to different organisation.

To create Invoice, we assume you have followed steps in invoicing section. In our example, we navigated to clients Shift Details page, selected shifts and hit "invoice" located at bottom right of the page. It took us to page.

You can customise any of the invoice options including due date, tax, Invoice item, sender and payment description

Once everything is finalised, click the "Create" button located to the bottom right of the invoice creation screen. Below publish options are available:

Invoiced items will turn blue in client shift details page, as seen in image below.

In order to generate invoice for rest of the items, navigate to the same client. Select shifts and hit Invoice, it will again take you to below page. In our example, we will select different sender from drop down box and tick on the remaining checkboxes next to Kms, Program cost and additional cost.

Now, the whole shift is blue as all items of the shift have been invoiced.

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