When raising an invoice it is possible to automatically have it addressed to the client's Additional Contact (for example a Service Provider) rather than the having the default Carer being addressed.

To achieve this follow these steps:

Step 1: Clients will need a Rate Group applied to their Additional Contact.

Step 2: The same Rate Group should then be applied to the client in the shift details.

To set this, view the details of the shift, then edit the shift.

Step 3: Once on the edit shift page, click on the Select Clients button:

Step 4: Set the Rate Group for that client.

You will see a list of the clients, those attending the shift will be ticked. For the relevant client chose the Rate Group from the drop-down list.

When generating the invoice Rate Group will be pickuped showing the Rate Group instead of the Carer's details.

This assumes you already have a Rate Group created for information on doing this please see the documentation on Rate Groups.

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