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Steps to import invoice details from ShiftCare to MYOB AccountRight.

Exporting invoices from ShiftCare

Inorder to kick-off export, go to Invoices > List, choose the date period that you want to export.

Then scroll down the page and click on export button and choose MYOB option:

This will trigger export job and an email will be sent to you once the export is complete. Click on link in email to download file and store it on your computer.

💡 Note location/folder of this file as it will be required later on

More details on export complete notifications are here:

Importing invoices to MYOB

Depending on your version of MYOB AccountRight the interface is slightly different.

PC operating system interface

With MYOB AccountRight open, go to File > Import / Export.

When importing the file select:

Import ➡️ Sales

Sales type ➡️ Service Sales

Next, click Browse and select the file you downloaded from ShiftCare. You might need to select "All files" in the drop-down.

In step 3, MYOB matches on

Data is separated by ➡️ Tabs

First line of the file contains ➡️ Headers or Labels

If data you are importing already exists in this company file ➡️ Add the import data

Match Cards using their ➡️ Co./Last Name

Matching can be done on either of these key fields:

  • Co./Last Name

  • Card ID

Step 4: During the matching process, of the incoming data to the existing fields in MYOB, you can use the Auto Match button.
Please check all of the "Import fields" are matched.

⚠️ Some new versions of MYOB prefer csv rather than tab delimited file which ShiftCare provides. If this is the case for your version of MYOB, you can open the downloaded file from ShiftCare and save it as a csv.

Step 5: Back up before import - this is a good idea if this is your first time importing information from ShiftCare.

Please note, the backup process stops others from accessing your MYOB software for a shift time.

Step 6: Import confirmation.

Here MYOB tells you of any success or errors which have arisen during the import.

👀 If you are having difficulty and need support from the ShiftCare team, please provide the log file you see when clicking the link: To view the log, click here

Importing Service Sales details

The downloaded file will have the following columns.

  • Co./Last Name - Mandatory - This is lastname of Client and it should match value set in ShiftCare to MYOB. MYOB import process will use this field in matching criteria. 

  • Firstname - Optional - This field is not used in matching but it is a good idea to match Firstname in MYOB to ShiftCare value.

  • Invoice # - Mandatory -  ShiftCare issued invoice number.

  • Date - Mandatory - Issue Date of invoice.

  • Customer PO - Optional - If Purchase Order number has been set while creating invoice then it will be exported as well.

  • Description - Mandatory - Description for each line item within the invoice.

  • Account # - Mandatory - Account Number in MYOB is mandatory for invoice import and it needs to match a valid sales entry from the Account list / general ledger category ID in MYOB. MYOB's default is 4-1000.
    Account Number is set in the price's External ID.

  • Amount - Mandatory - Amount for each line item.

  • Inc-Tax Amount - Optional - If there is a GST element to line item, then this field will have amount including GST.

  • Card ID - This can be used for matching purposes, however, "Co./Last Name" can be used.

    • Mandatory - Card Id of customer in MYOB. This must be stored in Client's Reference Number field.

    • Optional - if using "Co./Last Name" to match on.

  • Job - Optional - Job number can be mapped from a number of sources - see Job Code Mapping.

  • Tax Code - Optional - If there is a GST component then value in this column will be GST.

👉 In the person's card in MYOB, they should be set as an individual rather than a company.

Apple Mac operating system interface

From ShiftCare you can export invoices, which can be be imported into MYOB as invoices. Within MYOB you want can import ShiftCare invoices using Service Sales Import.

Menu: File > Import Data > Sales > Service Sales

Starting Import in MYOB

In order to start import, click on File Menu and then choose Import Data sub-menu option and finally choose Sales and Service Sales. Following dialog will be presented, it should match values in each field as per image below, pay special attention to highlighted field.

Hit Next and locate file that you downloaded above and hit Open.

Finally, match fields in left column with fields in right column. It is very important to do correct field mapping otherwise import can fail, see example below. Hit Import.

Once Import is finished, you will be presented a dialog with import status. Note down folder location at bottom of this dialog. This is where detailed status of import is located.

Tip! Invoices are imported okay, even if the final result mention that records are being imported with warnings.

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