To void an existing invoice, navigate to the invoice tab in the left main menu. A drop-down menu will appear with List (as pictured above). Select this tab to access the overview of all generated invoices.

Once on this page, select the invoice you wish to void. When you have selected the invoice you'll be directed the invoice information page. At the bottom right of the invoice page is a red Void button. Click on this to void the invoice

Before an invoice is voided, a prompt message confirming the process will appear. If you wish to continue select 'ok if not then simply cancel.

After an invoice has been voided, an orange notification bar will appear at the top of the page.

All voided invoices are still available to view on the List Void section of the invoice drop-down menu.


If you wish to view specific invoices you have access to five filters that can assist in doing so:

Issued at/due date: 

This filter allows you to view invoices based on either the date they were issued or the date they were due to be paid.


 The area filter enables you to filter invoices by client areas


The category labelled 'To' is used to filter invoices based on who the invoices were sent to (organisation).


The client filter enables invoice searching in regards to which client the invoice was generated for.

Date restriction:

 If you wish to view invoices from a specific date range, use the date allocation feature. Take note that the date restriction can either refer to the date at which the invoice was issued or the date when the invoice was due to be paid (similar to the Issued at/due date filter). This applies more so if you're viewing invoices from one specific day.

In the example below, only invoices for the due date Aug 14th 2018 are listed

If you wish to view multiple invoices spanning over a length of time simply allocate the start date and end date you wish to view them from.

In the example below, despite the due date of the first invoice being outside the set date range it still appears in the search because the the issue date falls withing the allocated date range.

Note: The action of voiding an invoice cannot be undone.

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