If you wish to have GST displayed in the CSV export for importing into Xero follow the below steps:

 Go to client Billing page select the shifts to be invoiced

Once specified shifts have been selected in the drop down where the amount to be invoiced is labelled select Tax Exclusive. This will exclude the tax value from the full invoice price, this is what determines whether GST will be displayed in the CSV format. The tax value is displayed as the GST 10% amount in the CSV and Xero invoices.

Tax exclusive vs Tax inclusive

Tax exclusive is the total amount on the invoice that does not include tax as it is added additionally to the total.

Tax-inclusive is the total amount that includes the GST tax, and the tax amount will show before the transaction total.

After having selected Tax Exclusive you will be directed to the tax invoice page where the tax value will be displayed as a separate value from the invoice total

Select Create at the bottom of the page

Once the invoice has been created, you will be directed to the finalised invoice page

  • From the main left hand side menu navigate to the invoice list page: Invoices --> List. On the invoice list page select the date range based on the day the invoices were generated.

  • This will allow you to view the invoice/s you have just generated.

  • With the correct invoices displayed, select the export icon.

This will bring up a drop-down menu. Select Xero.

Export the file as per usual.

Once the invoices has been exported into the Xero invoice format, note that the GST is displayed as GST on Income in the Tax Type column.

Export Invoice to Xero

For how to import invoices into Xero read Exporting Invoices to Xero in the ShiftCare Knowledgebase.

Once invoices have been generated in your Xero account, the GST will be displayed as a separate value identified as Total GST 10.00%

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