Go to the NDIS portal and then to Inbox. From your Inbox page in the portal, download “Payee Payment Remittance Advice” in CSV format.

In order to upload Remittance Advice from the NDIS portal to ShiftCare, go to the Invoices page. In the bottom right corner, you'll see the upload button

You will then be able to either drag and drop the file to upload or select the "click to upload" option will allow you to search for the file which will likely be in your Downloads folder.

Once you click the Confirm button the system will show a message notifying you the file is being processed. Once completed you will receive an email with the username you use to log in to the platform.

Once processed, from your communications history page you can see the process status confirmation.

Required information: File format - file headers

The file should be in CSV (comma-separated value format) and should have the following columns at a minimum. Other columns in the file will be ignored.

  • AmountPaid : this should be a number, with no $ sign or comma.

  • PayReqNum : this is a text field that is displayed in the invoice under the Reference field.

  • PayReqDocDate : this is the payment date and should be in either format:

    • DDMMYYYY e.g. 31122000 or

    • YYYYMMDD e.g. 20001231

  • ProvClaimRef : this should be the invoice number in ShiftCare.

The file headers can be organised in any order. An example is:

1234.56,Reference text,20201231,545454

Payment confirmation on the invoice

The invoice list page will display the invoice as having been paid.

Opening the invoice will show the amount paid as well as update the invoice history with who uploaded the reconciliation file.


  • The file will be rejected if the file headers listed above are not found.

  • If the same invoice number is uploaded multiple times, the invoice will be updated. This can be useful if an incorrect amount was previously applied as the system will allow you to remove one of the payments.

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