Before being able to assign shifts and create schedules for carers, you must have their details entered into ShiftCare. When you add users to ShiftCare they will receive an email inviting them to complete their account and set a password.

To invite carer or office user please read this article for more information. This article will cover:

Video: Adding staff profiles

Creating a carer or office user

Navigate to the main menu on the left-hand side. Select the Staff tab. This will open a drop-down menu with the tab labelled New. Click on this tab.

Now you should see the below "New Staff" page. Enter in the name and email of the user as these are mandatory fields in order to add carer or office users to the ShiftCare database.


Assign roles to all members accordingly as the access levels in each role vary. For more information about the different types of Roles available please see the documentation on this.

Carer (Support worker/care worker) can have the following roles assigned to them:

  • Carer

Role Carer is selected by default. (This means carers will have access to their own shifts via the ShiftCare app).

Office users should have one of the following roles assigned:

  • HR

  • Coordinator

  • Office Support

  • Kiosk

If you are adding Office user then click on Office User button. This will give you an option to select one of the above access levels.

No Access

This option is located on the top right of the page. Users with no access will not be counted towards the subscription limit. 

Ticking this option allows you to add more users than you are paying for, but they won't have access to their own shifts and enabling or disabling access for the carer (re: No access carer option) doesn’t affect (stopping or transferring) staff’s timesheet information.

📝 To stop staff timesheet from syncing or being exported disable the available for rostering option. To transfer or sync staff timesheet information to accounting software ensure to enable the available for rostering option.

  • No Access Staff: This No Access feature is mainly used to create no access users for manipulating client-to-carer ratios. 

For more information on this see this article.

Other Information

You can add more information to the user such as contact details, address, gender and date of birth.

Click Create after filling rest of the information.

Now you will see the completed carer profile. All the information on this page is optional. You can start assigning shifts to the carer without this adding information here.

Editing user details

Demographic Information

Click on Edit in order to make changes in Demographic information.

Click on Photo Icon in order to upload a Photo of the carer. Carers can also upload their own photo when logging in to the website https://app.shiftcare.com/ once they have accepted their email invite.

Click on Click to Upload to add an image of the staff.

Resend Invite

The ShiftCare invitation email will be sent to the staff after adding them into the system and they have 42 hours to accept. In case carer fails to respond, you need to resend invite again.

Once carer accepts the invitation, then Resend Invite gets replaced with last login time.

Staff Settings module

Click on Edit in order to add or change information in this field.

Explanation of setting Options:

  1. Team: Click here to know more about Teams

  2. Notify Attendance Approval: Carer will be notified via shiftcare notifications once attendance is verified by office users.

  3. Available for Rostering: This option is always ticked. Unticked this means that carer won't be visible in Leave request list, staff list on dashboard, edit shift, timesheet report and other report. The scenario this option is used when you are not doing shifts and do not want office users to appear in above-mentioned pages and reports.

  4. External System Identifier: If you are exporting carer timesheet to MYOB payroll software then filling this field is important. Add your payroll staff ID to match ID in MYOB (Note: XERO uses staff email address only)

  5. No Access: This means that the user will have no access to his shifts via app and will not be counted towards the subscription limit. Usable only as a "fake member" or to edit a user before activating and sending an email.

  6. Account Owner: There is only one account owner.

Click update once all information is added.

Next of kin information

If the staff has provided next of kin contact you can add their information in this section. Treat this as an emergency contact for carers. This field is optional and thus can be left blank.

Click on Edit to add or change this information.

Once all required information is completed click Update at the bottom right of the section.

Payroll settings

Click on Edit in order to add or make changes in this section.

Explanation of Payroll Options

PayGroup: To apply a Pay Group to a member, navigate to Pay group drop-down menu and select the appropriate group.

Allowances: In order to know about allowance generation process, you are recommended to read this article.

While generating the allowance, if you have made any allowance as permanent then that allowance will show up in staff detail page.

Daily Hours: This is the max limit of hours that staff is allowed to work in a day (12am-12am). If staff has allocated hours more than "standard daily hours" (added in user detail page, refer to screenshot below) then shift border will change. Change shift border means staff has exceeded his limit of an allocated hour on that day.

Weekly hours: This is the max limit of hours that staff is allowed to work in a week.

Adding carer document

In order to add documents click on Manage all button on top right of this section and you can add as many documents as you want with there expiry date (if applicable). Click here to know more about adding carer documents.

You can also give access to your carer (Support worker) of their own documents via ShiftCare App.

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