This article refers to a feature or area that has been deprecated


Once a Leave Request is created, Admin/HR will receive a notification. To view the notification, click on the flag notification located at the top right of the page

This will bring up a list of all notifications.

Select the notification for the Leave request to enter Leave Confirmation page

Approve Leave:

 A Leave Request will not take effect until the user approves the request by clicking in the bottom right Approve button. Once approved, the staff who requested the leave can no longer be assigned to a shift that occurs in the period the leave request was set. An approved Leave Request will be highlighted in blue in the Leave Calendar.

  • Area:- This allows you to select a specific area  for the leave request if leave is paid from the specific area. This is not a mandatory field.

Decline Leave:

To decline the Leave Request, click  on the Decline located at bottom left of the Leave Confirmation page. A declined Leave request will show in red on the Leave Calendar.

Decline Approved Leave

There are two options for the approved leave decline process:

  • To decline an entire period of an approved leave request select-  Decline
  • To decline only a selected leave date choose -  Decline This Leave

Bulk Approve leave

To bulk approve leave requests, navigate to Staff --> Leave --> List

This will direct you to the leave list page.

To bulk approve leave, nominate the leave requests you wish to approve by selecting the box next to the leave. If leave it to be paid then assign the area in which the leave is to be charged from.

Once the leave requests have been selected and their areas allocated, select the green Approve Selected tab.

Note: Area is important as it determines where the leave is to be charged from and thus determines what rate/s will be applied to the leave. Therefore ensure that an area is assigned to each leave request that is to be approved. 

Once leave is approved it will appear in the leave calendar and no longer displayed in the leave list.

Editing/Cancel Leave request

Leave requests that haven't been approved yet are highlighted in purple in the leave calendar, and can be edited or cancelled.

Click on the unapproved leave request you wish to edit or cancel to open the edit leave page.

The page is very similar to the Create Leave page, with the only difference being in the bottom right of the page.

  • When you finish editing the Leave Request, click send to resend the edited Leave request to staff.
  • if you change your mind click Back.
  • If you wish to cancel the Leave Request, simply click Cancel leave.
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