Smart Attendance allows for the automation of time sheets. This automated process utilises the Clock In/Clock Out process which can be enabled in your organisation's account settings. When the database identifies the clock in and clock out times for each shift it electronically generates and updates the staff time sheet so that the data is available for time sheet exporting during pay run cycles.

However, if the above process is not applicable to your organisation you can manually pay staff without the use of smart attendance. There are two methods to undergo this process:

  • ┬áSelect All hours when exporting time sheet
  • Un-select Smart Attendance in Account Settings

Select All Hours when Exporting Time Sheet

The method relies on the following criteria:

  • Smart attendance is selected in account settings
  • Staff are not clocking in and clocking out
  • Navigate to Account --> Settings. From account settings locate the Smart Attendance setting.

With smart attendance selected, you will be able to view all shifts in the shift breakdown page along with staff clock and clock out times. If staff have not clocked in the times will show as zero.

To pay staff using a time sheet export where clock in/clock out times are marked zero simply select the All hours option in the drop-down menu when exporting the time sheet report. This option is available for

Deselect Smart Attendance in Account Settings

This requires that smart attendance be deselected in account settings.

With smart attendance deselected no clock in/clock out times will appear in the shift breakdown page. The only times visible will be the shift start and end time.

To pay staff using this method, when exporting time sheet report simply select the appropriate export format required by your payroll software (MYOB, KEYPAY etc).

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