ShiftCare send automatic invite to staff when you generate staff's profile (add staff). If you don't wish to send invite until you are fully ready then you can do so by taking one of below actions.

Option 1: 

Do not add staff's email. Because adding staff email is mandatory, so you can replace email say

Once you are ready, you can start sending invite by adding their actual email's. But make sure you click on Resend invite after changing their emails.

Option 2:

Add staff as No Access: This option is located on top right of the page when you are. This means that staff with no access will not be counted towards the subscription limit. Ticking this option allows you to add more staff than you are paying but they won't have access to their own shifts and you cannot generate their timesheets for payroll purposes.

Click Create after filling rest of the information.

If you missed to tick no access on front page then you can do so on second page aswell. Its located under setting section.

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