Staff will see one of below screens (i.e clockin fail notification or continuous waiting sign) that shows their shift clock in or clock put is not working. 

There are certain circumstances where the clock-in and clock-out feature will not work. See below list of scenarios to help you troubleshoot:-

  1. The address must be matched to an address Google Maps recognises. When entering the address of the shift Google Maps will match the address to it's known locations. If the shift address cannot be found the clock in and clock out feature will not work.

  2. Shift start and end location are different.

  3. GPS settings must be turned on and enabled. Users with GPS turned off will be prompted to enable it when opening the ShiftCare app.

  4. Poor reception and data coverage.

  5. Staff is more than 500 meters outside of their specified clock in or clock out location.

Clock In Failed

The clock in failed notification is the only interactive notification in the timeline. If you receive this notification after a care-worker has attempted to clock-in, you can select the blue link available next to the notification.

Clicking on the link will direct to Google Maps to view the location at which the care-worker attempted to clock-in from. The worker's clock-in location will be identified by a red geo-tag.

You can click on the geo-tag to view the exact location at which the clock-in failure occurred

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