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The leave/absent report is a summary report of all leave requests that have been made to date. It covers information such as staff name, start/end date of leave, leave category, reason and status of leave request (pending, approved or declined).

Access Leave/Absent Report

To access the leave/absent report navigate to the left main menu in ShiftCare. Select the Reports tab. This will bring a drop-down menu. Scroll down until you see with Leave/Absent.

Click on the Leave/Absent tab. This will direct you to the leave report page.

View by Date

On this page you can view leave/absence by date. To do so, select the date range you wish to view the leave/absence for.

View by Status

You can view leave/absence based on status. There are three status categories: Pending, Approved & Declined. Simply select which status you wish to sort the report by.


If you wish to view a particular staff member's leave you can simply search their name on the leave report. Doing this will show only that staff's leave and absence.


If you wish to export the leave report, you can do so by clicking the grey download icon at the bottom right of the report page.

Once the report is ready to download, a blue notification will appear across the top of the report page.

After this notification appears you'll receive a message at the top right of the report page where all messages and notifications normally appear.

Click on this notification to bring up the notifications timeline. In this timeline will be a Download File link. Click on this link to export the report.

Clicking the link will bring up a prompt message where you can choose to open or save the report.

Select to open the file to view the report. The will be downloaded and presented as an Excel spreadsheet. You may find that some values are replaced by a hashtag (#). This is simply because the cells are too small to allow all values to be visible.

To view the values drag the cell to enlarge it so all values fit.

Public Holidays

Public holidays can be calculated once the leave/absent report has been exported. In the exported reported is the heading Weekdays. Under this heading will be a list of numbers from 0 - 7.

The numbers correlate to each day of the week in the following manner:

0 = Sunday

1 = Monday

2 = Tuesday

3 = Wednesday

4 = Thursday

5 = Friday

6 = Saturday

7 = Public Holiday

Thus public Holidays are identified by the number 7.

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