In this article, we will walkthrough option available to charge client for different prices & shifts/schedule. This article assumes that you have already setup some prices or imported NDIS prices into your account. If not, read about Prices here.

Attach Price Book in a Shit/Schedule

To attach the price book in a schedule, begin creating a new Shift and enter all applicable shift details. Once all necessary program details have been entered, navigate to the Add Clients button

You will notice that in first row, you're presented with client information, for example, client name, price book, ratio etc. Navigate to the Price Book drop-down and click on drop-down. All price books in your account will be presented here. Choose appropriate and hit Done to close the dialog.

Once price book has been updated, select save to ensure that all changes and prices are applied to the shift. Once saved, you will be directed back to the schedule listing. Here all shifts will be listed with their price books attached.

Price Book will appear on the shift information page with the client's name highlighted green along with reference number/code attached.

You can follow above steps to change price book for an existing Shift/Schedule by following Edit Shift or Edit Program/Schedule.

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