You can send rosters to staff and clients via their shift breakdown page by saving their shift breakdown in a PDF or Excel format and attaching it via email. In this instance we will go through how to send rosters to clients (the same process applies for staff).


Access client shift breakdown page from the left main menu.

Select the client you wish to send the roster to. Selecting a client will open up their profile, from here navigate to the left main menu and under the client's name click on shift breakdown. This will direct you to the client's shift breakdown page.

On the bottom right of the page are three icons, select the printer icon.

This will open up the printer information dialogue, in the printer display select save. This will prompt you to save the document onto your desktop (or chosen file location). From here you can attach the document in an email to the client.


Export the shift breakdown as an Excel document by selecting the document export icon.

This will immediately download the Shift Breakdown page in an Excel document.

Once exported, you can save the Excel time sheet and attach it when sending the client's roster via email.

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