In your Dashboard, if you hover your mouse over the shift in question or click on it (as seen below page) you'll see details of the shift specifically the start and end time of the shift. This is the 'Shift' time. However, there are certain cases wherein, the Staff and/or Client may be slightly different from the 'Shift' time. And this is because they have actually been changed.

To do this, in the Shift details page, click on Attendance (see with the arrow below).

Note! If you click on the Name of the Staff or Client you'll be brought to their Shift Calendar page so you can see an overview of the shifts he/she has already been assigned to.

In the Attendance pop up page, you will see here options to edit Staff and Client's Start and End Time. You can also write a note(s) or comment about the change in the field box below that says 'What was updated? Add a comment.' Once done, hit Save.

Note! For Invoicing we always follow Client's Start and End time. For Timesheet, we follow Staff's.

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